Documentary Films

Documentary Films

Documentary Films strictly speaking, are non-fictional, “slice of life”; factual works of art - and sometimes known as cinema verity. For many years, as films became more narrative-based, documentaries branched out and took many forms since their early beginnings - some of which have been termed propagandistic or non-objective.

Infused with an understanding of our rich national history and her believe in the essence of artistic creativity, Beenu Rajpoot has chosen “Art and culture” as the mainstream in documentary films.

“Movies touch our hearts and awaken our vision, and change the way we see things. They take us to other places, they open doors and minds. Movies are the memories of our lifetime, we need to keep them alive.” Storytelling documentary expands our understanding of shared human experience, fostering an informed, compassionate, and connected world.

For me shooting documentary style is the most interesting way of seeing the world and telling a story. I don't like the contrived way the theatrical movie is conceived and put together. If the movie is based on a novel or a stage play, then the filmmaking process is only a copying medium. There's no art in it. I think great movies can be made when a novel or stage play is successfully converted to a movie. The adaptation process is important. However, a lot of times, it's not advisable to do that, since the audience for the original work is much greater than for an esoteric adaptation based on it.

OFFICIAL TRAILER | Film THE WALL OF VALOUR | A Salute by the nation | by Beenu Rajpoot |

This documentary Film "THE WALL OF VALOUR" is based on Martyrs of Central Armed Police Forces and State Police forces. Mandated to serve motherland and to save the society from external and internal vices, police forces of India have proven their mettle braving all odds. Every year, October 21 is observed as the Police Commemoration Day to pay homage to them. This film showcase a tribute to martyrs of CAPFs and State police forces. Lets pay homage to martyrs ! A Salute by the Nation !